In Mind the Gap 17 – 25 Tiffany Pitts tells how as her 18th birthday approached, she was moved from a supportive inpatient adolescent mental health ward to an adult institution, a process she describes as “a slap in the face”. The film was Tiffany’s initiative, and she had full control at every step of the process, working with a team of two to develop, film and edit her film. Her aim was to show people what it is like to be an inpatient with mental illness, and to question the UK system which insists patients are transferred to adult services when they become 18, regardless of need or individual circumstances. In the film Tiffany revisits the adolescent unit and recalls her care there, and describes the shock of being uprooted from that and placed in a new environment, experienced as uncaring at best and hostile at worst. Trailer for full film. Producers Sally Marlow, Tiffany Pitts