I combine broadcast quality video production craft with the journalist skills developed over twenty years at the BBC along with knowledge of the UK research landscape to produce high-quality relevant films that inspire and inform. I am a very experienced interviewer and can get great results with even the most inexperienced contributors.

The process

I work quickly. I’ll start by finding out what you want to achieve, and what you would like your audience to believe and feel. We’ll talk to you about your work and advise on the best way to help others understand the value of what you do.

Simple films might be a single day of filming interviews and illustrations which we edit and can turn around in a few days if time is tight. More detailed projects might involve filming at several different locations to illustrate your work in more detail. In every case,  we’ll help you with the story and make you look great.

The benefits of an experienced journalist and technician

The ability to see a story and structure it in simple, responsible and engaging language can make a huge difference to the quality and credibility of films. Combine that with a lifetime of technical production skills and you’re guaranteed an exceptional product.

Primary Kit

Unlike many operators who use the video capabilities of stills cameras, I use broadcast quality cameras and lighting including the Canon c300 Mk2 4K Cinema Camera and Canon C100 Mk2 Cinema Camera. This means our films and footage are professional quality (up to 12 bit 444 colour space) and suitable for broadcast. I edit with Premiere Pro CC.

Ariel Filming

I am a qualified drone pilot with the highest tier of operational authority (OA) from the Civil Aviation Authority allowing the commercial operator to fly drones closer to uninvolved people when the correct safety precautions are taken so adding ariel footage to you film is easy (subject to CAA guidelines).