David coaching journalists at the BBC Academy


Media training from a company that understands the research landscape and coaches journalists and broadcasters. 

Before establishing IMS, I was Senior Media Relations Manager with EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) where I helped develop impact delivery plans. Before joining the Research Councils I spent twenty years in the BBC as a producer, editor and presenter. Six of those years were spent as a Senior Instructor for BBC News Training in London. I still coach for the BBC Academy today in broadcast craft skills and journalism today.


Interview Practice

I offer a toolkit of essential techniques to anticipate questions, maintain control of interviews, sharpen up your content and ensure key messages are delivered while giving journalists what they want. We’ll do multiple interviews adding different techniques each time.

Issue based training

The training is fun and informal but tightly structured around proven training and development principles. We start with some with some analysis of your own area. What will journalsits find most attractive and how can you communicate that most simply with powerful illustrations? What are the key messages you want to get across? We’ll then work on these themes in practical exercises that are as realistic as you’ll find.

Filmed exercises

With video playback, we’ll focus on body language, style, tone, pace, using humour and how to develop useful traits for a natural and confident performance. we can do the same for radio interviews too.

We’ll look at recent television performances from professionals in your field learning the best techniques and avoiding pitfalls. Sessions are flexible from one-to-one or groups, to a comprehensive day of discussion and exercises – recording and reviewing interviews based on different scenarios tailored to your area.

Presentation skills session

Film and video – camera skills and editing

Adding your own video and audio content to the web? We can provide a comprehensive skills day in shooting and editing. We offer advice on the right kit to suit your budget and help with those tricky technical issues. We also provide training in different editing software and have helped lots of teams make use of the video capabilities of DSLR stills cameras with a few bolts ons and tricks.


    Themes include:
  • What do the media want from a story?
  • The different needs of print, radio and TV
  • Preparation and anticipating questions
  • Expressing yourself simply and clearly with powerful examples
  • Developing an engaging style – techniques broadcasters use
  • Developing key messages and summarising
  • Control techniques and bridging
  • Interview formats
  • Radio interview skills, TV interview skills, pieces to camera
  • Press conferences
  • Media law
  • Public interest vs. protecting individuals
  • Golden rules and pitfalls
  • Podcasting, audio slideshows – interviewing and editing
  • Film and video camera skills and editing
Camera training