Institute of Psychiatry – The Hub

This film is a short version of a film made over three days to showcase the IOP’s world leading research base and new facilities for both students and researchers.

The Bioresource lab at the IOP

The Bioresource lab at the IOP

We aimed to show anyone interested in Psychiatry that the IOP was the leading institution in the UK both to study and progress the science.

iop hub 2

Brain samples

Thanks to Jess and Louise from the IOP for all their help and creativity.

IOP Biolab

How buildings and the atmosphere interact

Professor Janet Barlow is an Urban Meteorologist. One of her research interests is how the dash to make buildings more energy efficient may be neglecting the comfort and performance of the people who work in them.

Janet Balow's Wind Tunnel at the University of Reading

Janet Barlow’s wind tunnel at the University of Reading

Janet argues that The knowledge economy represents about 12% of UK GDP so we need to think about how human beings perform in the buildings we design as well as their efficiency and aesthetics.

Moden building design needs to consider human factors.

Modern building design needs to consider human factors.

This short was filmed in Janet’s wind tunnel lab where she demonstrates how complex wind flow patterns emerge from different building designs.

Cardiff hill fort dig

A Medieval hill fort sits quietly within a social housing estate near the centre of Cardiff.

This short features Archaeologists from Cardiff University who have brought together the community that live in the estate around the site to help excavate some of its treasures.

acheol 4

Archeologists share skills and receive help.

The dig is just one example of themes funded by the AHRC’s huge Connecting Communities project which brings communities together with Art and Humanities research.

A medieval arrow head found at the site.

A medieval arrow head found at the site.

A visit from a local school.

A visit from a local school.

Filmed by David and Emi on a beautiful day in August 2013.

Improving early literacy in Sheffield

cathy new 2

Sheffield’s Park Hill Estate

This short was one of six films featuring the award winners of the Economic and Social Research Council’s ‘Impact Awards’. Professor Cathy Nutbrown’s work aims to improve the life chances of young children from marginalised backgrounds by helping parents with the skills needed to develop reading and writing.

The project has had remarkable results and has been replicated across the UK and developing countries.

cathy new 3

Helping mothers with simple literacy skills at home significantly accelerates childrens’ reading development.

I spent a day with Cathy and some of the people working on the project at the nursery within Sheffield’s Park Hill estate. It was a humbling and uplifting day watching dedicated people and seeing the impact Cathy’s work had on the children.

Yousef can now write his now name.

Yousef can now write his own name.


Digital Transfromations

This was a fun event and a chance to play with some special effects. A day at the Mermaid Centre in London where the AHRC brought together some talented researchers working at the interesection of the digitial and arts and humanities.

Imogeb Heap and her 'Musical Gloves' developed with help from the University of the West of England.

Imogen Heap and her ‘musical gloves’ developed with help from the University of the West of England.

The day was packed full of performances, presentations, discussions, demonstrations, networking and debate.

We're not really sure what this is.

We’re not really sure what this is.

The key question was how to transform scholarship using this deluge of data and technology.

Tech heaven.

Filmed and editied by David.

Biomedical Research Centre

This short is a to camera introduction to the new Biomedical Research Centre at the Institute of Psychiatry. King’s College London.

IOP's Bio Resource lab

The NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRC’s) drive progress on innovation in biomedicine into NHS practice.
The lab has been set up to collect and analyse thousands of blood samples from psychiatric patients to provide a resource for researchers to find new treatments and possibly even cures for a huge range of psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimers or Aspergers.

BRC Bioresource and Genomics & Biomarkers themes are led by Dr Gerome Breen

Gerome takes us through the labs using a mix of scripted material and ad libbed peices to camera.
Filmed and editied by David over two days at the IOP, King’s College London.

3D Virtual Dentist

This film was originally produced as part of a series for the Economic and Social Research Council’s Festival of Social Science.

Using new 3D computer technology, young dentists at King’s College are now able to practice filling cavities and other more complex procedures over and over again developing their skills so they are much less likely to cause pain or discomfort to the live patients they eventually meet!

Student dentists can practice filling cavities over and over again.

Filmed in a single day at Guy’s Hospital, the film features Professor Margaret Cox OBE who runs the centre at Kings.

The virtual patient never complains.

Political Posters

Political posters was the subject of Dr Chris Burgess’ s PhD. Chris’ s analysis culminated in an exhibition of  a selection of posters  in 2012 at Manchester’s People’s History Museum with funding from the AHRC. The Museum has more than 12,000 posters in its archives.

In this film Chris provides some insight into the messages both hidden and unintended in some of his favourites. Shot in stills and film in a single day by David in Manchester.

Dr Chris Burgess.

Billboard poster from the Conservative's 1979 Election campaign.

University of Nottingham – Research for Growth

University of  Nottingham Vice-Chancellor David Greenaway takes us on a tour of the ground-breaking research in basic and applied physical sciences and how different technologies will help the UK achieve growth and  international excellence.

This film was commissioned by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council reflecting their £150 million investment in strategic research at Nottingham.

Nottingham’s Nano Science


Hajj – Journey to the heart of Islam

Dr Venitia Porter, British Museum

The Hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca. It is incumbent upon Muslims to go on Hajj once in their lifetimes.  British Museum curator Venetia Porter talks us through her stunning exhibition in this film commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Saudi artist Ahmad Maatar’s ‘Magnetism’.

Saudi artist Ahmad Maatar’s ‘Magnetism’. A tiny magnet. Around it iron filings. The iron filings look like pilgrims surrounding the Qa’aba – the cube-shaped structure, which is at the centre of the sanctuary.